Spine does not have to hurt


The child’s spine is characterised by right curvatures at the end of the first year. However, it gets its final form only
around the age of 18. This helps easily correct faulty postures of teenagers. If the faulty postures of children are not
noticed, in adulthood they will be affected even more. The most prominent sign of curvature of the spine is
dissymmetric arrangement of shoulder blades. Causes are improper posture, lack of activities, carrying heavy bags
on one arm. Very rarely, it happens that the faulty posture springs from uneven length of legs. Then, it is necessary
to use an insole.

The aspect I regard as the most important!!!

The uneven length of legs often springs from incorrect position of the pelvis. In this case, using an insole only
deepens and perpetuates curvature of the spine. The first step of correcting faulty posture is checking position of the
pelvis and alternatively correction of the pelvis. There are lots of causes of these abnormalities, many of them spring
from high liveliness of child, numerous falls, but it might be the result of perinatal injury. Difference in attrition of
outsoles or trouser legs almost always indicate this problem (especially among adults ).
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