Spine does not have to hurt


Massage with manual therapy of the spine

– Correcting position of the pelvis
– Correcting position of the jaw, shoulder girdle and limbs (twist, joint dislocation, knees-meniscuses)
– Controlling position of the pelvis focused on prevention faulty postures (for children from the age of 2)

I make initial diagnosis based on analysis of symptoms and manual test. It allows me to detect causes of pain and
restrictions in movement of the joins of the spine or limbs. Subsequently, manual correction to re-establish mobility
as well as mood improvement. I remove causes of ailment, not merely the symptoms.

Standard treatment of spine takes approximately 20-25 minutes. This is preceded by massage which prepares for
further activities i.e. manual therapy. The aim here is to re-establish pathologically reduced joint movements. The
treatment requires use of certain amount of physical force on parts of the body using the most advantageous
technique adapter to each individually.

Treatment in case of acute or strong pain takes approximately 5 minutes and is followed by standard treatment. I
suggest a series of 3 treatments (with a day of break between sessions).
Please bear in mind that surgical intervention rules out manual activities within the operated area.